Which Backlinks I do first for SEO?

by @bryangreene (206), 6 months ago

  1. Forum
  2. social bookmarking
  3. profile backlinks
  4. Q&A
  5. PDF
  6. Video submission
  7. outreach
  8. commenting.

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by @seoradar (178), 6 months ago

Mentioned are mainly low quality backlinks. Won't be enough.

by @bryangreene (206), 6 months ago

Can you say which backlinks i do for my website. Actually, what are the high quality backlinks?

by @seoradar (178), 6 months ago

High quality backlinks are from high quality content published on authoritative websites. If you do some remarkable work, publish superb article, even high quality source may link to your website. Which is what you want. You do the work once and get multiple high quality links. Much better than spending time spamming forums and blog to get shitty links. These are good to have in the backlink mix but having just these is not enough.

Check backlinks of your competition and get at least slightly more or higher quality links than them.

by @bryangreene (206), 6 months ago

Thank you, @seoradar for your beautiful suggest.

by @ms (665), 6 months ago

First links you acquire for a new site are likely to be from submissions, comments, profiles pages and social networks, as I do not expect new site having great content from the start.

The better links should be acquired along the way, as you publish better content. It's a long, and more importantly never ending journey. Your best bet is to do your own research to discover opportunities within your niche.

by @bryangreene (206), 6 months ago

Good point. And I'm doing like this as you say.

by @Bob (169), 2 months ago

Creating Contextual Backlink should be given first priority as far I learnt.

by @elwahyu (105), 2 months ago

This work for me:

  • PBN (Private Blog Network)
  • Guest Post Blog
  • Social Signal
  • Private Web 2.0
  • High DA Edu Links
by @anbu (105), 1 month ago

Thank you @seoradar

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