List of URLs indexed by Google

shane replied to the thread 4 months ago

If you haven't hooked up Google Search Console, you're out of luck. If you have, you can navigate to the index stats. All your answers are there.

Can't a long-tailed keyword also utilize the short-tail keyword in a sentence?

shane replied to the thread 6 months ago

If you're targeting primary keywords and inadvertently pickup long-tail keywords in the process... what's the problem? Also, Google doesn't just match keywords and call...

SEO of an Accounting website

shane replied to the thread 1 year ago

I would forget link building and focus on traffic generation. While the latter will affect the former each mindset emphasizes something different. Writing content for re...

How Long to Keep Redirects in Place?

shane replied to the thread 1 year ago

Until the old domain no longer appears in search. Unless you also have physical content (business cards, pamphlets, etc) in the wild. If that's the case I would keep it r...

Why my site is not ranking?

shane replied to the thread 1 year ago

@bhumi Don't worry about the little things. Backlinks can speed things up a bit in the nearterm but might kill you in the long term. Social can be a positive indicator bu...




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