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by @kurt0123 (301), 11 months ago


I was looking for a way to extract a list of URLS from Google since I suspect that duplicate URLs have bee indexed. I followed this article:


My issue: Search results for site:mysite.com gave me only 3 pages of 100 but I know that I have more than 1,000 pages indexed. Anyway If I search for some keywords found on a page not in this list, I will find this on Google results. Any hint how to get my 1000+ pages listed ?

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by @shane (651), 11 months ago

If you haven't hooked up Google Search Console, you're out of luck. If you have, you can navigate to the index stats. All your answers are there.

by @kurt0123 (301), 11 months ago

Thanks yes, am in GSC. I just didn't notice the option to export in Excel. Thanks for pointing me to that.

However, it gives me a list of about 650 URLs and noticed that some of the indexed URLSs in Google search results are not included in this list.

by @kurt0123 (301), 11 months ago

Oops sorry, found the others in another report. Thanks again !

by @instantindex (130), 8 months ago

There are a few reasons why your Google site might not be indexed. One possibility is that you created the site recently and it just hasn't had time to be indexed yet. Another possibility is that there's a problem with your site's configuration that is preventing Google from indexing it. Now I Have a solutions for Google Index within 24 Hours.If you need solution then reply here.

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