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by @genasanford (101), 3 years ago

I have an accounting website, as mentioned in my earlier posts, how can I choose the best off page SEO activities?

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by @macrew-tech (215), 3 years ago

In general, off-page SEO activities are the same for all, except the right category, unique data for submission, right location sites, etc. So for now, find the right site first as per your location and submit your site in the right category like that Business » Finance » Accounting

by @bomb (165), 3 years ago

Consider doing guest posts on relevant sites and forums. And while at it, make sure you use relevant anchor texts. Finance is a very sensitive and highly competitive niche therefore quantity is important. Quality is not optional either.

by @ms (4032), 3 years ago


High quality links only, the more the better. We are talking extreme competition, so you need much more than just a random link. Also, link from forum like this one won't help. You need relevant links from highly reputable & relevant sources.

by @shane (653), 3 years ago

I would forget link building and focus on traffic generation. While the latter will affect the former each mindset emphasizes something different.

Writing content for reputable websites within your niche or being interviewed by the press provides a new traffic channel while also creating a link. This also has the benefit of highlighting your industry knowledge. The goal here should be building reputation, not links.

After all, the purpose of SEO is to generate monetizable traffic. Building links to build links is a waste of your time. There are many other high-value opportunities for a business like yours to shine.


by @outorigin (58), 3 years ago

First follow some basic step of SEO like: General Setup -Install google Analytics-Set up Destination goal -Set up google webmaster tool -Link google webmaster tool with google analytic -Create a robots.tct files -Create a sitemap.xml -Submit your sitemap in google webmaster tool -Keyword research

Onsite Optimization

Write a unique meta description for each webpage, using one or more of the target keywords you’ve assigned to that page. Keep the entire meta description under 155 characters.

Include a target keyword in each page’s URL.

Check that each page has one (and only one) h1 tag, preferably including a target keyword. Additional headers (h2 – h6), if applicable, should appear in order, lower on the page.


Go for quality link, always check the DA and PA of the website you are creating back link. To do so install MOZ plugin. Its important to check the spam score too.

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