I understand use cases for nofollow, sponsored and ugc. But I see sites mostly on WP utilising combinations of mentioned and even all of them. It makes me wonder if they...


I have a website and my landing pages have rate stars. I see all landing with star rate result in SERP except this page : why??


Hi, Some of our webpages are not getting shown on the Google SERP, even though it has been shown crawled and Indexed. Every page is shown except the following. Checked fo...


Dear Friends, Please suggest me how can i check the latest updation of Google Algorithm. If any google website or blogs from where I get the latest updation of Google. Pl...


How to contact .gov and .edu backlinks posting sites..

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Has anyone used this page to buy backlinks? // url removed - doesn't matter where, buying links in public places is very risky activity


I added Heading tag by 2 types on two different site like abc .com & xyz .com at abc .com best seo site in india and at xyz .com best seo site in india So if I se...


Can anyone give me some suggestions? If the website is not ranking then which are the good platforms through i need to make backlink so the website can start ranking.


Hi there, we are looking for ways to get more people interested in our website. We have been trying all the different techniques we know but are unable to figure out what...