The awaited update on Google's Helpful Content has been rolled out today. It may take a couple of weeks to get fully implemented. To know more about the helpful content u...


Hi people! Kind of a weird question here: A client's dev team has forced them to redirect requests for their root domain to W...


Hello, good time 10 days ago, I registered my site in the search console, which is indexed and has no errors. But when I search in Google, it does not fi...


My sitemap has only 3K legitimate links but google webmaster shows 500K links indexed. All of them are spam links example of such links are as follows. Some links are ref...


Hi, Suddenly, my organic traffic is increasing and the bounce rate is going high. Can anyone tell me the reason? When its happened? Regards,


The introduction of MUM represents the next major paradigm shift for Google search after Hummingbird, Rankbrain, and BERT. While the previous innovations based on machine...

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I have asked this question on many platforms but I didn't get the exact answer. I hope here I will get the perfect answer.


Which is the best-paid tool for SEO audits? alternatives to SEmrush and Ahref.


Hi All, I have a new e-commerce site with 500 URLs. I have done internal linking of all urls but still my 300+ urls are non indexed. Can you please suggest which SEO off...

Karthi gai

How do build quality backlinks,Kindly share your information.