What is the complete guide to creating content for SEO?

by @lisagill (139), 1 year ago

According to me first step is keyword research before you start typing.

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by @Techlinics (149), 1 year ago

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by @shane (641), 1 year ago

Forget keywords. Think search intent. What does the searcher need? What can the search query tell you about their intent?

by @blackpropeller (105), 1 year ago

Write naturally for the user. How-to guides and topics that answer questions are very popular.

by @traffic (105), 1 year ago

Then apply those keywords to your domain choice. If your going to make any effort it may as be with the right name to best describe your business.

by @deforseti (130), 1 year ago

Keywords can help you write a good article. But if you do not understand the topic, then this will be meaningless. By describing only keywords, even automatic content generators can print text (articleforge, content-edge etc).

by @studio36digital (115), 1 year ago

There's loads of guides out there, but as other users before me have said, it's all about producing quality, organic content.

The user experience is what Google is looking for today. Yes, there's hundreds of factors that go into increasing your Google ranking but if your content isn't good in the first place, then the other techniques are useless.

by @maricelfrominnzone (145), 1 year ago

Hi. Personally, I think having a content calendar can be a massive game-changer. Here's your guide to one if you don't know how to go about it. Hope this helps. Best of luck!

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