I want to rank-up my keywords that are on good places but not on top positions.

by @steaveaustin (132), 3 years ago

Hi Guys, I need help to rank-up my website keywords that are on top 4 pages, but I want to make them on first page. I'm doing backlinking, blog posting and article posting right now but found no effect, also want to boost the traffic on my website. Anyone here can guide me about this, and how I can do it quickly?

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by @ms (3521), 3 years ago

Hey @steaveaustin

Check backlink profiles of your competition that is ranking higher and try to earn backlinks from that sites too. Otherwise, any good links will help, but it's not just about links.

Google measures bounce rate, "pogo sticking" and more similar metrics based on user behaviour, so as long as your site does perform worse than competition, it makes sense it's ranked lower.

by @steaveaustin (132), 3 years ago

Thanks for your kind response. I have created backlinks where my competitors have, I'm not on really bad position but I want to rank up more on top 3 or top 5 position on google. Last days my website bounce rate bit increased, but the problem is I have eCommerce website and checkout page took 3 to 4 seconds and than moved to payment page, so the bounce rate of check-out page is 100% sometimes, I don't know why because if you proceed to next page so the previous page status should not be consider in bounce.... Hope you do understand, and give me any tip

by @ms (3521), 3 years ago

If you recently gained new links, allow some time to google index em and process correctly. It's not an instant process and may take some time.

To be precise about bounce rate: Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions, or the percentage of all sessions on your site in which users viewed only a single page and triggered only a single request to the Analytics server. Bounce Rate

Progressing to payment page != bounce rate

by @steaveaustin (132), 3 years ago

Can you guide me how not to benned on forums? I join many forums, didn't post single link just start thread with some real knowledge but they banned me in 2 days with no reason, just found one comment spamming, don't know why

by @shane (653), 3 years ago

I suggest looking at SEO like brewing beer. It's not ready once all the ingredients are mixed, but once you've given it proper time to brew. Rank changes are exactly like that. You could have done everything right, except wait long enough.

by @william17 (-106), 3 years ago

Before moving to off-page, or increase ranking via off-page factors you first need to

Audit your website Reoptimize your content and web pages if needed

and if these things are fine, then make every possible effort to rank your website in top searches.

Here are a few important factors using which you can improve your ranks

  • focus on the quality of the content.
  • Get some authoritative links that search engines want
  • Update old content with the new SERP features
  • Use multimedia with useful title tags & descriptions
  • Contribute in High DA guest blogs
  • Post useful articles in good quality website etc.

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