How to rank a site as a rich answer on Google?

by @nmiller (147), 6 years ago

For example, if you search Google for

SEO checklist

you'll likely see rich answer as I captured on the screenshot below. It's now pretty common top result for frequently asked questions on Google, and from what I know, the CTR is really good for these results.

SEO checklist Google top result

One thing I don't really understand is, how do you make your site appear like this? Does it have something to do with microdata like schema.org, or is it Google parsing the answer somehow from information on your website and you can't really affect how does it look?

I have few well ranking pages for question queries that receive thousands of impressions, but they don't appear as a rich answer, so they are sitting on 2nd or 3rd position.

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by @lishmaliny (175), 4 years ago

Identify Your Target Keywords. Get Your On-Page Optimization Perfect. Develop Your Content Strategy. Attract High Quality Links. Monitor Performance & Continue to Optimize Your SEO Efforts.

by @prolearner20 (125), 1 year ago

For ranking your site as a rich answer on Google, you need to work on your content and on-page optimization like your content should be such that it helps the user solving the problem or it should be comprehensive enough to resolve the user query. Work on you on- page SEO as well and keep updating your content regularly. With consistent efforts and time you will get your site as a rich answer on Google.

by @rootanna507 (80), 8 months ago

Choose attainable, complex keywords to target. Your writing must comprehensively and rationally respond to the query. Use formatting and organised data. Use Google tools like Autocomplete to spot search patterns. People also inquire. Create a page that people find interesting and useful to dominate the market with your content.

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