Facing Drop in Traffic but Increase in Rankings

by @AiSEO (120), 2 months ago

Consumed by a weird conundrum. With blogs continuously and consistently ranking for their keywords of focus, recently, during the content update, I faced a drop in traffic, however, minimal. Checked the content and it seemed helpful after feedback.

Is it location specific or does off-page play a huge role? Would really like to know!

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by @techvita (-45), 2 months ago

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You should follow the same strategy to rank your website as you had followed before. And of course, off-page SEO makes a huge difference as it is all about making high-quality backlinks. If your website promotes local business then you need local SEO optimization otherwise contextual backlinks are enough.

by @binayjha (2080), 2 months ago

It is the quality of content which impacting the rankings. We should try to think, "What more I can do?", and do the needful.

by @Gamerseo (985), 2 months ago

If the decrease in traffic is minimal, I wouldn't care. Nevertheless, it is always worth being interested in increasing organic traffic.

by @Navin (110), 2 months ago

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