2018 major seoforum rewrite

by @ms (3521), 4 years ago

Hello SEO bots.

You've probably already noticed that seoforum looks different now. Yeah, I spent quiet some time updating and rewriting this project during last few months. What you can see here now is yet incomplete version of the update, but at least, most of my to-do's have been checked.

I still need to fix a lot of things and finish some features that are almost ready to deploy (blogs being the most important one). The thing is, this whole process is taking more time than expected and from time to time I feel like losing motivation and momentum, so I decided to deploy what I currently have so I can see the site live and maybe get some feedback...

I'll share some points from my seoforum to-do list, as of August 2018

  • redesign
  • laravel 5.5 -> laravel 5.61
  • bootstrap 3 to bootstrap 4
  • League CommonMark -> Parsedown
  • post reporting/flagging
  • bookmarking
  • advanced banning
  • blogposts
  • instant search
  • call to action for guests
  • on-site sign up
  • invisible recaptcha
  • password reset
  • custom generic avatars
  • Q&A
  • advanced antispam policy
  • improve tests coverage2
  • too many minor things...

1 Laravel has been upgraded from 5.5 to 5.6, but during the development, Laravel 5.7 has been released, so I will have to upgrade again.
2 Test suite now contains more than 120 tests, which is almost double compared to what I had in August. I see another 50-80 test coming, just to cover current functionality.

I am open to any feedback and suggestions, so feel free to tell me how you like new design, and what does or doesn't work for you.

One more thing I want to share is, I contacted owner of @seoforum Twitter handle, who tweeted that he would like to sell the handle. The bad thing is, he was looking for $10,000 for it, and few months later $4,000 which is far from fair price for a third party handle, that you actually can't sell as per Twitter rules.

So yeah, I am not gonna have this handle ever, as it's worth up to $100 for me.

That's all I had on my mind today, so have a good one and enjoy.

Thank you for being part of seoforum community.

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by @shim (196), 4 years ago

10k lol. what a joker.

redesign was a success!

by @nmiller (147), 4 years ago

I like the changes. Good to see blogposts coming. Also password reset is a must. Keep up the good work.

by @shane (653), 4 years ago

Looking good. A "for hire" section might be good in the future. Keep it up.

by @ms (3521), 4 years ago

@shane do you mean job listings? Or other way around - SEO's available for hire? I definitely plan that for the future, just need to build community first .

by @shim (196), 4 years ago

one up for jobs

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