Hi all, Our company ( has been sold to another company( Im in change of the website migration. Both websites have a lot visibility, traffic and strong positio...


SEO or not ?

by @Terrenuit (244), 2 months ago

HI, I have a question concerning of the SEO, almost the people knows that is not easy to have a good position SEO on google, but I want to know why and how some websites...


Which KPIs do your supervisors or you use to evaluate your work and how do you explain, if you've been hit by a Google Update out of the ordinary?


Clicks local SEO

by @perton (114), 3 months ago

Is there any way I can generate clicks on my website to help me with local SEO?


The reasons for the report are notable, Scraped content Automatically generated content (AI-generated content?) Keyword stuffing User-generated spam Thin affiliate pages...

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