I was going through the Google Search Console pages issues and one of the issue reason is "Alternate page with proper canonical tag" and this has some URLs whic...


My site url is like "https:// www., example.com /ca". I have added the sitemap and robots.txt file manually to my site. When I check manually, the sitemap and t...


HI I've been dealing with seo for many years but haven't had much experience with wp I migrated a customer's site and now it's online but I notice 2 things 1) there is no...


Hi Folks, Could you please suggest me? which link should be disallowed of the e-commerce site in the robots.txt file.


My website has a few subdomains, but I need to disallow it from google. After a long review, I have found that all subdomains have their own robots.txt file and from ther...

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That's all we have in robots.txt. Looking for something else? Go ahead and ask!