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May 12, 2018
  • Martin Sveter published thread SEO Basics in 2018

    I think this is good question even for those who are more experienced. We all know what worked in 2010, 2015, etc. But what are your most recent recommendations? From what I see, backlinks still do their work. PR, social media mentions, google for business. It all works - at least for us. If we add good navigation structure, HTTPS, mobile friendly design, that's good enough to bring pages up for most keywords in general. However, when it comes to more competitive keywords, you need something more to get on the first page. Share what works for you.

Apr 23, 2018
  • Martin Sveter replied to thread blog traffic and adsense issue

    That's weird, because organic is high quality traffic source and it converts well. But you might be spot on actually. The amount of ad units could be the reason for some issues. I just don't think they would mark it _invalid traffic_. There are guidelines for Google ad network, so I'd definitely suggest checking that document out and reading through it. It will save you potential headaches (Adsense ban etc.). You can check it here: [](

Apr 22, 2018
  • Martin Sveter upvoted Robots.txt and Sitemap Error

    Google Search Console is indicating that my has been blocked by robots.txt file. While testing it, through the robots.text testing tool it says ALLOWED. Wondering why Google mentioned the sitemap contains URLs which are blocked by robots.txt. How to resolve this issue?

Apr 21, 2018
  • Martin Sveter upvoted How to rank a site as a rich answer on Google?

    For example, if you search Google for > SEO checklist you'll likely see rich answer as I captured on the screenshot below. It's now pretty common top result for frequently asked questions on Google, and from what I know, the CTR is really good for these results. ![SEO checklist Google top result]( "SEO checklist rich answer") One thing I don't really understand is, how do you make your site appear like this? Does it have something to do with microdata like, or is it Google parsing the answer somehow from information on your website and you can't really affect how does it look? I have few well ranking pages for question queries that receive thousands of impressions, but they don't appear as a rich answer, so they are sitting on 2nd or 3rd position.

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    What is your most significant source of traffic? Can you specify amount of traffic your site is receiving?

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    Are you using any traffic generation services? If your traffic is auto generated by bots (high bounce rate, low time spent on site, zero interactions, etc.) there is not a good signal and you should take some steps to make sure your Adsense account is not going to be banned.

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    I am running a blog []( from last 4 years. But not getting good traffic. I want to earn money. Also adsense is approved for this domain. From last 3 or 4 months not getting 100 % earing. I am only getting 2 % of it, other all are deducted as invalid traffic.

Mar 21, 2018
Mar 16, 2018
  • Martin Sveter upvoted Hreflang on multiple domains

    I need some help and guidance regarding **Hreflang** tag. We are working on a website, say We are planning to launch the same website in the german language with different domain - The content should remain the same on the .de website. We don't want to get into the Google penalty for duplicate content. How can I use hreflang tag on both of the websites? I am confused using the hreflang tag on both websites. Should I need to add both tags on two domains? I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks guys

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    @martinkhan Sounds good to me. Having upvoted content one click away from homepage could be good for quick navigation through your favourite content without digging deep in your profile or so. Right now, you can only get upvoted threads or replies searching them through your activity feed, which is definitely time consuming and not very practical. So, thank you for smart and useful suggestion. Putting it on my to-do list.

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    There is no point to implement such a redundant URL structure. It's over-optimization, and it could be bad for your site, even though this isn't ordinary keyword stuffing. I'd suggest using simple URLs. Make em easy to read, short and descriptive. Do not overuse keywords just for sake of optimization. Think visitors-first, just like Google does, and you'll be good. It's honestly bad looking URL structure, and I'd avoid it if possible.

  • Martin Sveter upvoted Duplicate keyword in URL

    Can duplicate keywords in URLs boost page importance on that keyword? Or is it potentially subject to penalisation? Think of{specific} where product specific would be either color, size, model, version or so. To me, it looks quiet spammy, but saw that on a site. They do well in G's SERP. I would rather not post their actual website for now, but you know get what i mean.

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    Hello guys, my domain expired and I didn't know about it. It took my like 10-12 hours to fix it. During that time, my site was down. Is it possible that my site has been penalized or at least down ranked due to domain expiry? It happened recently - yesterday, so I have no stats from search console yet.

Mar 11, 2018
Dec 2, 2017
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    Once again, welcome to SEO Forum! It's a pleasure for me to welcome you here, in our own tiny piece of the internet where we meet to brainstorm and exchange our experience with nearly anything, but mostly connected with **internet marketing**, **search engine optimization** and related topics. To make sure you enjoy your stay, this is thread for you - guys with ideas. Feel free to suggest new features, changes and edits to the site, so we can grow together and make this even better and nicer place to be. I will personally try to go through all of your requests, and prioritize them according to how you upvote. Don worry to post anything. Really.