How different is using subdomain vs. new domain in terms of SEO?

by @nmiller (145), 5 years ago

I read many opinions that search engines do not pass nearly any of main domain authority to a subdomain, because it's basically different domain. Some people say that subdomain receives SOME of its main domain authority.

I have no real experience with this, at least nothing measurable, but I think that it makes sense that subdomain is much closer to the main domain and therefore should take at least some advantage over newly registered domain.

What do you think?

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by @priyaverma (-38), 5 years ago

they decided to hire an in-house marketing manager, who is insisting that we move the newer domain (www.companynameseparateproduct.com) to become a subdomain on their original site (separateproduct.companyname.com). Our team has argued that making this change back 6 months into the life of the new site will hurt their SEO (especially if we have to 301 redirect all of the old content back again, without any new content regularly being added), which was corroborated with this article. We'd also have to kill the separate AdWords account and quality score associated with the ads in that account to move them back.

by @ms (3446), 5 years ago

@priyaverma so what's the point of your post? Do you prefer subdomain or a brand new domain?

by @brucejonesseo (35), 3 years ago

It is better to have blog posts within your own domain rather than a subdomain.

by @sohailafzal (120), 3 years ago

Common sense dictates that a subdomain is likely to get some of the authority of the main domain due to its association with it, but obviously not all of the authority. At least this is my thinking on the issue.

by @ms (3446), 3 years ago

@brucejonesseo but we are talking subdomain vs. completely different domain here.

This is not sub.example.com vs. example.com/sub

by @binayjha (3234), 11 months ago

A subdomain is beneficial over a newly registered domain.

  1. Subdomain will be indexed quickly.
  2. Subdomain will share the domain authority.
  3. Subdomain will carry forward the trust of search engines towards the domain.

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