blog traffic and adsense issue

by @vijaysaklani (155), 11 months ago

I am running a blog from last 4 years. But not getting good traffic. I want to earn money. Also adsense is approved for this domain. From last 3 or 4 months not getting 100 % earing. I am only getting 2 % of it, other all are deducted as invalid traffic.

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by @ms (455), 11 months ago

Are you using any traffic generation services? If your traffic is auto generated by bots (high bounce rate, low time spent on site, zero interactions, etc.) there is not a good signal and you should take some steps to make sure your Adsense account is not going to be banned.

by @vijaysaklani (155), 11 months ago

No, i am not using any traffic generation service.

by @martinsveter (161), 11 months ago

What is your most significant source of traffic? Can you specify amount of traffic your site is receiving?

by @vijaysaklani (155), 11 months ago

Approx 50-60 % traffic is organic. Other traffic is 0 and rest from social/referal etc. These are the stats from google analytics. One experts says you are using more than 3 ads this is the reason. So i have also change the design of blog and now traffic reduce to 50-60 %. Please sugest some progressive. Its really very frustrating for me. Not able to earn good amount from adsense

by @martinsveter (161), 10 months ago

That's weird, because organic is high quality traffic source and it converts well. But you might be spot on actually. The amount of ad units could be the reason for some issues. I just don't think they would mark it invalid traffic.

There are guidelines for Google ad network, so I'd definitely suggest checking that document out and reading through it. It will save you potential headaches (Adsense ban etc.).

You can check it here:

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