Hello Everyone, Need Help in 301 Redirection


Hello, I have the followings URLs which are indexed in GSC : https://mysite.com/thispath/beach (page 1) https://mysite.com/thispath/beach?start=20 (page 2) https://mysite...


SEO Algorithm

by @TimTom (79), 3 months ago

Can any one explain what is SEO Algorithm, how we can understand to increase the web traffic

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Hi, My website recently has increased significantly amount of page views (x5 daily, and non-stop since May), however, the unique pageviews metric didn’t increase. It caus...


What are the current off-page activities you guys are using?


Hi All, The company I work for is releasing a new product (printer) that comes in two configurations (we'll call them 'A' and 'B'). 'A' and 'B's features are identical in...


I own a videogame website, and have a number of paid gambling links present on it. I know that links should be relevant, so with that said, would the good folks on this f...


I have created this website but https://www.invstaustralia.com.au/ which is a new concept hasn't been done before anywhere. I am very confused as to which keywords shoul...


Hi! Does anyone know which is the character limit for Alt fields texts in Google ? Google gives me two answers for this: 100 or 125 characters, and it would be crucial fo...


I have a new website. I have submitted my site in google. It successfully got indexed. But when I started to publish my post it doesn't crawled or indexed. Here an inform...