Hi Experts, I am working on E-commerce sites for almost 2 months. But I don't get any organic keywords yet. I consistently upload new products, generate backlinks, and cr...


My website pages indexed but when i check "cache:" it doesn't cached. checked indexed pages in google. It shows the url but not cached. Can you please someone...


Hi there, I have an ecommerce client who launched their online store without a robot.txt file to block the crawling of filters and site search. Due to this, they have th...


Hey guys, how are you? How can we fix a 5xx server error? There are over 20,000 links on my website that have a 5xx server error. Most of these links are automatically cr...


I've been in working in online marketing for some time, but I've recently taken the reins of our company's SEO initiatives. A Bit About Us: We are a fin-tech startup fro...


Hi, Previously we already have wordpress website (Wordpress A) with certain domain, let say it is called ( and then we create a new wordpress website (Wordp...

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Hi, I need to know is there any tool or plugin to block SEO tools to check traffic on my website?


link building

by @soroush (204), 5 months ago

In an ads reportage, I linked to a page with two related anchor texts. Is there a problem with this?


Is repeated anchors is hampering website SEO in a negative way

I'm looking for some advice on switching domains for my survey/giveaway website. I purchased a website that gets around 1,500 in traffic and makes a few hundred in Adsens...