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by @Stormyboy123 (120), 2 years ago

Hello guys,

I have a question regarding word count. I have an affiliate website in the hiking and camping niche. I have written 7 articles up until now and each one of them exceeds the 3000 words and nears the 4000. However, I don't talk sh*t and give valuable information.

My question is whether I should write my articles shorter since people have a very short attention span and probably won't fully read my articles.

With roundup review articles, I really try to keep write not too much, but if I review these products in full detail and cover every feature, it nears the 4000 words. I also always explain generally unknown terms so that people always fully understand it, for example, the TPI of a fabric. I would think that it makes my website look more trustworthy, but a lot of people tell me that it isn't worth it since people won't fully read your article.

How am I supposed to write better articles than my competitors if I don't give more valuable info?

I even have a 8000-word info article which is a complete beginner's camping guide. I cover pretty much everything. Isn't that better than a 2500-word article that doesn't talk about, for example, food or clothing?

Basically, what I'm asking is whether it's okay, better or worse to write a lot of words as long as it adds valuable info.

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by @shane (651), 2 years ago

Only add content that adds value for the visitor. Everything else is a waste of time.


by @maricelfrominnzone (145), 2 years ago

Several research indicates (BuzzSumo, SerpIQ, CoSchedule, Hubspot, etc.) agrees the sweet spot is at least 2,000+ words. The studies also indicate that articles with 2,000+ word count bring in the most search traffic and are are shared more on social networks. Hope that helps.

by @user58629672 (130), 4 months ago

If you cover every aspect then word count of 4000 will suffice.Use LSI keywords and use original images,your original video review of the product.Don't use stock images.

by @ms (3182), 4 months ago

This is common misconception in SEO. It's not about length at all.

Always keep in mind your visitors and their search intent. Fine tune your content accordingly.

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