Will the trailing extra space in anchor text cause any problem in SEO?

by @alan (22), 4 years ago


I hire a SEO professional to do SEO for my website. Recently, I find in some of the links he built, the anchor text containing an extra trailing space.

For example, my keyword is "repair file", but the anchor text in the link will be "repair file ".

WIll that cause any problems in SEO effect?


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by @shane (653), 4 years ago

It shouldn't make a difference. It is trivial for anyone with minimal coding experience to parse and clean text, let alone Google.

You should be concerned with which direction the links will send your organic rankings. It's honestly not worth trying to game Google's algo.

by @seosubcription (45), 4 years ago

I am totally agree with @shane's answer. Google doesn't affect those extra trailing slashes and won't make any difference in your ranking until they are hyperlinked correctly. Basically anchor text allow users to navigate a website. They help establish information hierarchy for the given website. They help spread link juice (ranking power) around websites.

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