Which site as main site? B2C or B2B?

by @agcty (114), 4 years ago

We're currently running two separate sites, one being the "main" page for B2B customers and the other being an online shop targeting B2C customers.

Site structure looks like this: = main page / B2B = shop / B2C

We're also building a new shop with Shopify which will replace the current shop and it's going to provide a really great user experience (AR models of products etc).

Naturally, there are a lot more B2C customers than there are B2B customers (we sell sun umbrellas). The B2C customer type spends around 150€ typically, whereas a B2B customer needs consulting and will spend upwards 10k. B2B is responsible for about 90% of revenue.

Both customer types seem to search for the term "sonnenschirme" which is basically just "sun umbrella".

Before the shop was accessible at a subdirectory (/shop), it was available on a different domain (not even subdomain), which was really bad for SEO. Once we consolidated both websites into one we've seen a big spike in traffic, due to products etc. of the shop ranking really well.

As pretty much all competing companies are B2C companies who fight for a share of the "sonnenschirme" keyword, we've been unsure if it wasn't better to have the shop as the main entry point and the B2B page in a subdirectory.

So basically: = B2B page = main page / B2C

But then again B2B generates much more revenue (at least right now). What do you guys think? I'm really anxious about "just trying" because it could really hurt traffic badly.

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by @shane (653), 4 years ago

I would expect a near term hit to traffic and rankings with either setup. I personally think b2c makes more sense as a primary page. Might just be my preference though.

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