Spam at Seoforum - New Antispam Policy Rule

by @ms (682), 8 months ago

I am posting this to find out if my idea sounds reasonable to you, or if it's too much in your eyes.

So, what I am proposing

Each new post, from a user with no posts would be (automatically) scanned for links, and if contained link(s), the post would be auto-deleted and author auto-banned.

Does that sound fair?

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by @patrock (184), 8 months ago

Good idea. Even though you do good work keeping this place clean, it does make sense to delete such users automatically. Normally users would introduce yourself first ask a question. Starting with a links isn't normal.

by @bryangreene (206), 7 months ago

Almost Every Forum using this to protect spam. Not only seo forum. And it's good idea for me.

by @seoradar (178), 7 months ago

I'd suggest Stop Forum Spam implementation. That should help a lot. Fighting spam has always been an issue, but SFS helps.

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