Search console website variations for redirects

by @jacksmith (262), 5 years ago

Do I need to add http://www.example.com, https://www.example.com, http://example.com and https://example.com? I have all of these defined in nginx server and redirecting them to https://example.com, not sure how to handle that in search console though.

It would be great if we could monitor the website in one place without adding all the alternatives. Is it possible?

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by @seobatman (105), 5 years ago

It depends...

Is your website entirely on https? Then use https. Do you use www? Then use www.

by @tomlee (115), 5 years ago

I don't think it's so easy actually. You'd want to keep track of www.example.com even if you don't use it. At least for the data provided - backlinks etc. You can't see that on your non-www version, because it's a different subdomain.

Speaking of https, I'd add https only if my website was completely on https and http only if it was on http. In other cases (when you have http and https sections as well), you should combine.

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