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Dec 10, 2017
  • Jack Smith published thread How do facebook conversion pixels work?

    It's been long time since I discovered Facebook pixel, however, I haven't had time or courage to find more about how it works and learn how to use it and make use of the data it does provide. Can you please explain scenarios in which you use Facebook pixel, how do you implement it, and what data do you check when using it. How does it help your business? If you have some good references to learn from, I'd appreciate if you could post links. Free materials preferably. Thank you

  • Jack Smith published thread 301 redirect vs. 303 redirect

    When would you use 303 redirect? I often use 301, sometimes 302, but I have never used 303. What's the use case for it?

Dec 3, 2017
Dec 2, 2017
  • Jack Smith published thread Keyword rich URL – an SEO must-do or just an option?

    I am curious, how big is the difference between keyword rich URL/URI and one made up from random sequence of characters, like product number/code. Does it matter enough, so we should consider switching over to a completely new URL structure, or it's just not worth the hassle? Our site is 6 years old, and over the time, there are many articles (up to one thousand articles actually). Our main source of traffic is organic search traffic and I don't really want to screw that up. It took us 6 years and quiet a lot of money too. Thanks guys.