301 redirect vs. 303 redirect

by @jacksmith (262), 6 years ago

When would you use 303 redirect? I often use 301, sometimes 302, but I have never used 303. What's the use case for it?

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by @tomlee (115), 6 years ago

You don't really need the 303 redirect.

303 - See other (from RFC 7231)

The 303 (See Other) status code indicates that the server is redirecting the user agent to a different resource, as indicated by a URI in the Location header field, which is intended to provide an indirect response to the original request. A user agent can perform a retrieval request targeting that URI (a GET or HEAD request if using HTTP), which might also be redirected, and present the eventual result as an answer to the original request. Note that the new URI in the Location header field is not considered equivalent to the effective request URI.

Read more about 303 status code

by @digitalmarketingboy (-155), 4 years ago

Yes 301 redirect is recommended for SEO experts. link removed

by @william17 (-106), 4 years ago

A 301 redirect is used to ensure that search engines and users are sent to the correct page. This code is used when any page has been permanently moved to another location. whereas 303 redirect is a response to an HTTP status code 303. Most of time 301 redirect is being used.

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