How do facebook conversion pixels work?

by @jacksmith (262), 6 years ago

It's been long time since I discovered Facebook pixel, however, I haven't had time or courage to find more about how it works and learn how to use it and make use of the data it does provide.

Can you please explain scenarios in which you use Facebook pixel, how do you implement it, and what data do you check when using it. How does it help your business?

If you have some good references to learn from, I'd appreciate if you could post links. Free materials preferably.

Thank you

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by @Sunil (142), 4 years ago

Hi Jack,

Thanks for share your question. Conversion Pixel tracks user activity on the website. It's a small library of functions that you can use whenever a site visitor takes action.

Conversion pixel use for Conversions ads. like Signup your website, Online booking, Buy Now! Etc....

Thanks Sunil


Hi, Facebook pixel allows you to keep track of actions that happen on your website as a result of Facebook ads (paid) or organic reach (unpaid). These are called events. You can place events on the pages that matter to your business. For example, you can capture your customers' journey from viewing product pages all the way through to a purchase. If you study all the steps along their journey, you can measure and optimise your ads for the conversions that mean the most to your business. Facebook pixel can help you understand the behaviour of people who visit your website and which advertising strategy works best to reach your business goals.

by @oliverbeth (105), 1 year ago

I have zero knowledge about the technical stuff, due to which I have decided to leave it ehre and watch the holiday channel 5 how many episodes? someone please suggest good movies!

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