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by @masch1na (121), 11 months ago


I need some help when it comes with product categories and SEO.

Is it okay to have only 1 product in a product category which has its own page?

For example I have "CBD for pets" category with only 1 item "CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats".

The product category site targets "CBD for pets" keyword, while the product itself targets a more specific keyword. I have 2 product categories like that with only 1 product in them.

Please is it better to have just 1 eshop page, with no category and all of my 11 products in it with just filters?

I am afraid having only 1 product in a product category page can affect my SEO.

Thank you so much for your time, help and input.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

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by @mit_midastouch (200), 11 months ago

Hi @masch1na (115),

Yes, you can create a "product category" page and product page as well.

Plus point of adding "product category" like "CBD for Pets" is that you can easily add more "product categories" and products pages later.

Feel free to connect with me for e-commerce SEO.

Thanks & Regards

by @Getseowebsite (105), 11 months ago

Yes, One page only contain one product of any category. So that it has easy to target that product.

by @zara (150), 10 months ago

Having one page in a category is fine for SEO. We often do that for our websites at The Klyne Group (TKG). It's a good idea for allowing room for more products later on too.

Try not to make the text identical on the category page to the product page.

Hope that helps :D Feel free to connect if you need further advice

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