Feb 19, 2022

Product category SEO

masch1na published thread Product category SEO


I need some help when it comes with product categories and SEO.

Is it okay to have only 1 product in a product category which has its own page?

For example I have "CBD for pets" category with only 1 item "CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats".

The product category site targets "CBD for pets" keyword, while the product itself targets a more specific keyword. I have 2 product categories like that with only 1 product in them.

Please is it better to have just 1 eshop page, with no category and all of my 11 products in it with just filters?

I am afraid having only 1 product in a product category page can affect my SEO.

Thank you so much for your time, help and input.

Looking forward to your thoughts.




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