Possible algorithm update (January 2019)

by @shane (653), 5 years ago

I saw a significant change of behavior for my current project. I started the website mid November and have been slowly gaining traction. However, today I've jumped from 5-10 uniques to 75 and counting. This type of jump should not occur so quickly.

Anyone else seeing any traffic fluctuations?

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by @ms (4032), 5 years ago

I have noticed small spike in traffic for my health related product review website since January 2nd, however, nothing on such a scale ^

Does the traffic flow continue today? Will be interesting to see the keywords that perform so well in your Search Console in a day or two...

by @shane (653), 5 years ago

It is 7:30 am and I have already received 7 hits from Google which means it has already been an above average day. It is strange.

by @seoradar (266), 5 years ago

Check this thread:

Something is going on.

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