My page views in GA have increased abnormally because of bot? How to solve this?

by @huyluu1505 (121), 2 years ago


My website recently has increased significantly amount of page views (x5 daily, and non-stop since May), however, the unique pageviews metric didn’t increase. It causes our time on page metric drop up to 80%.

The source of this increasing view comes from organic traffic (as checking on GA). Please check this image for more detail: enter image description here

So, I assume that it comes from bot traffic.

But i tried to block bot traffic through Cloud Fare setting but it didn't work. My question is how can I solve this problem? Do this situation has anything related to how I setup GA?

Please, could you help me answer this question or if you have any solution for this problem, please enlighten me

Our SEO effort was ruined because of this problem.

Thank everyone. Sorry for my bad English.

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by @tadj31 (115), 2 years ago

hello, you can use cloudflare with your website to detect if this traffic is real or just bot.

by @huyluu1505 (121), 2 years ago

Hi, I don't think this traffic can be real, since the page view is increased too much with so little time on site.

by @jaap (1667), 2 years ago

Blacklisting individual IP address or entire IP ranges is an option.

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