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by @justinlee (150), 2 years ago

Hi all! When i search for my website on Google desktop it is not displaying my meta description for my homepage, intead it is displaying my navigation menu text where the meta description should be. All other pages are fine!

On the other hand, when i do the same search on Google via a mobile device, it IS showing my meta description. I'm at a loss as to why this would be.

Any ideas?


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by @macrew-tech (215), 2 years ago

Please share some screenshots and the destination path with us so that I can better understand and respond to you.


Do one thing try to search with some of your keyword in google instead of searching with domain and then check does it still shows the same.


Which CMS you have used? Joomla, WordPress or anything else, share some screenshot so that we can share our experience

by @railrecipe (167), 2 years ago

Hii there, before I was also facing the same issue with my website. Later I came to know through some researches and studies that Google will display the best content from your website as per the user's search.

by @TimTom (87), 2 years ago

@railrecipe , so how do you sort out the issue, So meta tags are not required if we have good content?

by @ms (3521), 1 year ago

@TimTom keywords meta tag is basically completely ignored this days. It was the easiest thing for webmasters to stuff keywords for SEs when they trusted meta keywords back in the day...

Google is smart enough to do their own content analysis and decide which keywords are relevant for the page.

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