Jun 24, 2022

Twitter and Google ranking

justinlee published thread Twitter and Google ranking

I read an article which said Twitter has removed nofollow from its links. My question is, in general does Twitter really boost your websites position in Google? I know people constantly say it helps your brand as tweets show up in Google, but that aside, does adding links to your website from your Twitter timeline boost your website's ranking in Google?

I'm thinking not that much, but would be interested to hear other's opinions on this.

Oct 14, 2021

meta tag keywords

justinlee published thread meta tag keywords

I know these are hardly used anymore, but please hear me out...

If i do decide to use them, do they have to be purely words, or can they be phrases?

Example: content="used, cars, sale, london, kawasaki, motorbikes"


content="used cars for sale, london, kawasaki motorbikes"


Jan 27, 2021

Meta Description displayed in Google

justinlee published thread Meta Description displayed in Google

Hi all! When i search for my website on Google desktop it is not displaying my meta description for my homepage, intead it is displaying my navigation menu text where the meta description should be. All other pages are fine!

On the other hand, when i do the same search on Google via a mobile device, it IS showing my meta description. I'm at a loss as to why this would be.

Any ideas?





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