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by @justinlee (150), 2 years ago

I read an article which said Twitter has removed nofollow from its links. My question is, in general does Twitter really boost your websites position in Google? I know people constantly say it helps your brand as tweets show up in Google, but that aside, does adding links to your website from your Twitter timeline boost your website's ranking in Google?

I'm thinking not that much, but would be interested to hear other's opinions on this.

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by @jaap (1667), 2 years ago

When Google sees your website's strong social signals, it rates your website as a reliable resource for the search keywords your content is vying for. Twitter is a top choice for a social media platform to boost your website because of its active users' wide range.


by @binayjha (5059), 2 years ago

Yes, it improves ranking in Google if you are linked with Twitter posts. There is a concept of link popularity in SEO. It plays major role while ranking in SERPs. Link is whether dofollow or nofollow or even if there is no link but only domain name is mentioned, it is beneficial in Google rankings.


It is true. As you have many followers and your followers are more active, it can help your website to rank on google. And the more tweets and retweets you do can help you to rank on google, the more you tweet with links, the more visitors you will get for your website. It is very much an effective method to gain organic traffic from social media.

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