Listing within Main Listing Ranking above the Main Listing.

by @kailashhc (196), 9 months ago

One of the google business profile listing with the name of "Blood Bank Kailash Hospital" which is located within a main listing is showing above the main listing. Main Listing name is "Kailash Hospital & Heart Institute". When a user search for the hospital name Kailash Hospital, Blood Bank Kailash Hospital appears first above the main listing and sometimes main listing doesnt appear. What should i do?

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by @jaap (1667), 9 months ago

Place a link in your text on Blood Bank Kailash Hospital to Kailash Hospital & Heart Institute with the exact anchor. If this doesn't work, make another link like this from another page.

Or de-optimize the page Blood Bank Kailash Hospital by removing Kailash Hospital for example from the h1 or title.

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