Google increased length of snippets

by @ms (4032), 6 years ago

So, what do you think about longer snippets in search results? I think it's pretty good and this change could improve CTR. Not dramatically, but definitely in a positive way - for good content and useful sites in general.

Do you see any CTR growth lately?

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by @nmiller (147), 6 years ago

I don't see any changes yet. The numbers are about the same, including CTR. Maybe it needs some more time.

by @shane (653), 5 years ago

I would bet longer snippets is actually an indicator of diminishing the number of links per page. I imagine they will continue working to drive down the number of sites on the 1st page as low as they can without detracting from the search experience or lowering ad revenue. In fact, removing organic results will likely increase ad clicks thereby increasing their revenue. I would imagine domain names will eventually be removed too and replaced with some type of related brand name. I would expect the search results to more closely resemble an app store styled page focusing on the reputation of the author and the quality of the content.

by @sohailafzal (120), 4 years ago

I think it's great because it will help users have a better idea of which sites are more relevant to what they are searching for.

by @mit_midastouch (200), 2 years ago

Currently, The length of Meta Description in snippets to ~155-160 characters in Google.

You must add targeting Keywords, Location (If local SEO website or business) and call to action in order to increase the CTR.

by @vajidkhan (-25), 2 years ago

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