Can I submit a unique content to 2/3 of the blog sites by changing the image?

by @seowagon (186), 2 months ago

If I write a content to publish web 2.0, then it would be right to share that content to other web 2.0 sharing site list? My sites rank and keywords rank has increase everyday, some of the day it decrease. I know content is the king to rank up a website. But everyday it is not possible to write unique content and also can't find topic to write. So, Please clear me is it ok, or not?

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by @ms (2286), 2 months ago

Changing just thumbnail still means 100% content match.

Think about it... if I wanted to steal your content and publish it on my site, just by changing thumbnails. How easy would that be for me? At the same time, how stupid would SE have to be to not find out?

Definitely no go, if you asked me.

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