best way to increase speed?

by @adamkostka90 (176), 4 years ago

Hello Everyone,

What is the best way to increase website speed load time? I read somewhere that your hosting provider plays a huge role also a good cache plugin for WordPress websites.

Personally I'm a big fan of cloud hosting companies they provide extraordinary support and speed than shared plans. e.g Cloudways they provide managed cloud hosting solutions.

And for cache plugins, I like WP Rocket.

What are your top go-to cache plugins and hosting?

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by @william17 (-106), 4 years ago

You need to enable the cache and use optimized images so that it can make the page to load easily. Also choose simple design for your website and minimize HTTP requests.

by @ms (4047), 4 years ago

Hi Adam, welcome to SEO forum.

Best tip for speeding up Wordpress? Level up to a different CMS, or get rid of most of installed plugins. You can do with better host, but that's not the way I'd go - you want be able to scale on a hardware vertical forever.

by @sterlingresorts (204), 4 years ago

lot of ways to increase your page speed.

Enable Compression Minify Css, Javascript and HTML Reduce Redirection Remove render blocking Javascript Leverage browser caching Improve server response time Optimize images

by @pulkit (120), 4 years ago

To make your website loading speed faster what you can do is you can find the best web hosting service provider company. You can make your website mobile-friendly by using HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

by @user51639651 (0), 4 years ago

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by @shane (653), 4 years ago

Agree with @ms.

Wordpress is bloated. Even if you have a perfect theme, perfectly optimized media, and the best hosting available, a lightweight CMS will outperform.

by @matthewsstephen12 (192), 4 years ago
  1. Enable Browser Caching
  2. Enable Gzip Compression
  3. Remove Unnecessary Plugins
  4. Minimize HTTP Requests
  5. Enable HTTP Keep-Alive
  6. Minify JavaScript and CSS Files
  7. Optimize Your Images
  8. Change Your Website Theme
  9. Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) 10.Fix Broken Links
  10. Reduce External Scripts
  11. Use a Reliable CMS
by @punjabdentistry (-30), 4 years ago

There are many methods to increase website speed.

Enable browser caching Enable Gzip compression Remove extra plugin Minify javascript and CSS file Optimize your images

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