BING penalty

by @jaap (1580), 4 months ago

A client website has a Bing penalty. However I suppose he has. There's no notification in his webmaster tools. But no page is found anymore, only his business profile. Sp...


Hi, My site traffic halved overnight. But I have no manual penalty in GSC. How long does it normally take for a penalty to show up? Or should it already be there? The o...


BeliefMap is, on the surface, a very high-quality educational-information website. (E.g. see beliefmap.org/god/exist) But, despite being several years old, traffic does n...


Dear Members, I am experiencing an issue of fluctuations in real-time traffic. As I can see 20-25 real-time visitors on my website and the number drops to 3-4 in no time....

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