Why with same keywords, I am getting different results?

by @mushiii (118), 1 year ago

Hello Supporters.

I want to ask why google show differnet results for my keyword, here is example

my keyword is "rice purity test for virgins" and my website is not showing in results for this, here is my page: innocencetest .net/rice-purity-test-for-virgins.php

But when i search for same like "rice purity test for virgin" my page showing in 4th position.

I dont know why google not showing due to only extra "S", Please review and answer me.

"rice purity test for virgins"

"rice purity test for virgin"

Same things!


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by @binayjha (5094), 1 year ago

You need to optimize for the other keyword too as both keywords are treated different by search engines like Google.

by @jaap (1667), 1 year ago

You used the word virgins 18x, virgin only twice. So the SERP are based on your input.

by @magnetargrapes (135), 1 year ago

Huh, that's weird. It seems like Google is playing a bit of a game with your website's ranking. Have you tried doing some keyword research to see if there are any other terms that you should be targeting? Maybe that would help you get more visibility.

by @Vkmorris (135), 1 year ago

Google's search algorithm most likely considers the intent of the user when delivering search results. As "virgin" may be more popular than "virgins," it is possible that results for "rice purity test for virgin" are more closely aligned with what the user expects.

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