Which should be the canonical?

by @ilaydaca (167), 3 weeks ago

Hello everyone.

Currently on my website there is five language versions in total. Sitemap index looks like below:

My question is which one should i set up as canonical: or Google suggests as the canonical and says the other one is duplicated content. But would this Google's version be correct in terms of website structure?

I'm not so sure because I got help from a website creating company. They provided me with this sitemap and they set up "" as canonical. Want to make sure if there is anything wrong since i got an duplicated content error from search console.

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by @binayjha (4449), 3 weeks ago

Developer can fix this issue of URLs. By the way, follow Google's instruction and make the as frontend or homepage URL. Rest is duplicate to this URL.

by @VasancityAcadamey (85), 3 weeks ago

Determining the canonical version is essential for consistency. Please specify the context or content in question, so we can establish the primary or authoritative source. Your input will guide the selection of the canonical version. Let's work together to establish clarity and uniformity in the chosen representation. Your insights are crucial in making this decision. Thank you

A canonical URL such as "" is aligned with standard website structure and best SEO practices, thus enhancing readability for search engines. It is possible that the website company designated "" as canonical, but resolving the duplicated content issue requires that the URL structure be reviewed and canonical tags be updated accordingly. By following Google's recommendations, indexing issues can be mitigated and search visibility can be enhanced.

by @VasancityAcadamey (85), 2 weeks ago

Determining the canonical version is crucial for consistency and SEO optimization. Consider selecting the version that is most authoritative, comprehensive, and reflective of your content. Prioritize the version that aligns with your content strategy and best serves user experience. Ensure that the chosen canonical version remains relevant and updated over time. Regularly review and update canonical tags to maintain accuracy and effectiveness.

by @Zinavopvtltd (161), 2 weeks ago

The canonical version of a web page is the preferred or authoritative URL that search engines use as a reference. It's essential to designate the canonical URL to avoid duplicate content issues. Choose the version that represents the main content or the source. Specify the canonical URL using the rel="canonical" tag in the HTML header. This helps search engines understand which version to index, consolidating ranking signals and preventing SEO-related problems associated with duplicate content.

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