What will be your approach if your SEO method doesn’t work?

by (118), 3 months ago

If the SEO methodology doesn’t work then do the following,

  • First, see whether or not it's a brand new project then re-check the keywords

  • Then seek for relevant keywords that may be useful

  • Make changes in page text, title, and outline

  • If still not stratified then there is also another serious problems like dangerous links, penguin/panda or alternative Google penalty

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by @shane (601), 3 months ago

I would give it 12-months and monitor my search console.

Next I'd pick 6 different pages with similar SERP ranks and performance history. I'd make distinctly different changes to each of them. I'd monitor for an additional 3-6 months.

I'd take the tactic from the winning page and use it on the other 5 pages. I would monitor all 6 pages for another 3 months to ascertain whether that tactic works across multiple pages.

by @seosubcription (40), 3 months ago

What if all the checklists are correct with the website but it still not performing?

by @kienanvinh (105), 3 months ago

Use the tool ahrefs, check the opponent's link, the web will follow them, it will be top

by @matthewsstephen12 (190), 3 months ago

If you've done with all the needed on-page seo activity, then make quality backlinks on high DA websites. You will see your SEO will perform better and better. Try to create 6-7 high quality link with good quality content.

by @shane (601), 3 months ago

I don't consider following checklists optimization. It's basically just box checking.

Experiment and see what works. Make sure you're relevant and useful.

Also, building backlinks is more likely to hurt you in the long-term than make a site successful.

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