What this SEO technique is called? Will this get penalty?

by @Dong_ (127), 2 years ago


While my SEO learning, I found an interesting case. There are many posts link (backlinks) to Site A. The posts are quite similar, but they are existing in individual domains. Then after checking each individual domains, they in fact contains very similar content, which means, it seems those domains are existing for link building.

Here is one example: Target (linked to) domain: or

Referrers URL 3 examples:

Going to the root page of each above domain:

So my questions are:

  1. what's the name of this SEO technique?
  2. will Google identify the "issue"?
  3. will target domain got penalty by Google?


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by @Gamerseo (1330), 2 years ago

These are back-end pages of really low quality. Such links are of little importance. The most important links are those that generate traffic to the linked page.

by @Dong_ (127), 2 years ago

Thank you @Gamerseo (385) for the reply.

by @zara (150), 2 years ago

Hi @Dong_(119) I work at the The Klyne Group (TKG), we get many low quality links from various websites such as forums where customers talk about our products and post links to what they bought.

These 3 low quality links won't make a difference to the site that they link to. The most important links come from a website that is relevant to the same industry or topic. Ideally from a high domain authority website that doesn't have loads of links on adverts that link out a lot. That way, it's not a link for the sake of a link, so you'd get some traffic too.

In SEM Rush, you can quickly run a backlink audit to evaluate link quality.

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