What is the best tool to track followers and unfollowers on Twitter?

by @jimmyfinch86 (116), 8 months ago

Suggest affordable tools

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by @searchonic_mit (100), 8 months ago

Hi @jimmyfinch86

I know some tools through which you can easily track followers and unfollowers on Twitter. These tool are listed below:-

  1. SocialOopmph
  2. CrowdFire
  3. Manage Flitter
  4. Who Unfollowed Me
  5. Unfollower Stats
  6. Tweepi

You can connect with me to know more on social media things.

by @Amaraalaurent (105), 8 months ago

Hey, to track your Twitter followers and unfollowers you can also try out the tool Followeraudit. I personally use this tool to get my detailed Twitter stats and have been using this for a long time now so I can suggest this tool to you with assurance. This tool is great as it has various features.

FEATURES – 1) Track followers growth – You can track followers growth daily/ weekly and monthly basis of yours and any other public Twitter account. You can compare your followers growth rate with your competitors. 2) Track Unfollowers – Track your Twitter unfollowers also get real time updates whenever someone new unfollows you. 3) Detailed followers analytics – Get detailed followers analytics of your or any public Twitter account. Information of followers like – last tweet date, account age of followers, list of verified accounts, list of protected followers, etc. 4) Identify fake followers – Identify fake/spam/inactive accounts from your or any other public Twitter account. This feature is best for influencer marketing, to identify if someone has bought followers, etc. 5) Block fake or inactive followers – Get rid of fake or inactive followers from your account directly from the dashboard and increase your account authenticity and engagement rate. 6) Compare audit report – Compare audit report of multiple accounts together. The pricing of this tool is affordable, and customer support service is also great. To get more information you can also visit it’s official site.

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