What are Your Secret Tips for SEO?

by @mysticdigi (133), 3 months ago

Let's get open to the community. Everyone is invited to share their secret SEO tip or trick which they discovered and worked really well.

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by @ms (1484), 2 months ago

Expired domains. Not a secret, but still works pretty well.

by @mysticdigi (133), 2 months ago

That sounds good... but how do you check the quality of an expired domain?

by @ms (1484), 2 months ago

Essentially, you need to check domain backlinks. If the backlink profile is a good fit for your website, go for it.

by @seowagon (136), 2 months ago

The major secret thing is Keeping your content fresh, user friendly and maintain all the writing procedure

by @Wilsonjacob45 (105), 2 months ago

I'd love share some tricks about SEO, first thing is content should be unique. Don't use copied content. Website should be User friendly.

by @bestbusinessbackpack (101), 2 months ago

Fresh content,keywords & User friendly...secret & tricks of seo

by @tomaskonovak (110), 2 months ago

I use three "secret" TIPs to improve SEO on my (or clients) websites:

  1. Buy expired domains (domains are still cheap, and if they have quality backlink profile and don't have penalty from Google, then they are much cheaper solution than buying direct link from website).
  2. Update old articles and always add at least one paragraph of text
  3. Create content for new keywords that Google reports to the Google Search Console :)
by @Pankhuri (120), 2 months ago

Focus on content and you'll get backlinks! I used to write on my own but then we hired an agency and there's a rise in our backlinks!

// no promo links in posts please

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