What are the tools that I can use for increasing Twitter engagement rate?

by @caitlyndavis (119), 1 year ago

Facing a really bad drop in my Twitter engagement rate please help with some suggestions

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by @rachit97 (127), 1 year ago

Monitoring and maintaining your engagement rate on any social media platform can be hard.

For someone who is struggling with their engagement rate on Twitter, FollowerAudit is the perfect tool for them. Through this tool, you can run an audit of your followers. It will identify and list down all the fake, inactive, and spam followers for your [ these followers are basically the main reason for dropped engagement rate]. After identifying them you can get rid of such followers and watch your engagement rate instantly grow.

by @kaaya149 (68), 9 months ago

The engagement rate on your Twitter account is directly proportional to the number of followers on your account. so, increase followers to boost engagement.

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