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dummy imageby @mrkclxtn (176), 2 months ago Search engine optimization Google

I've recently developed a website, it's ranking fine in other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. But in Google it can't be found. I'm no SEO expert but there's no obvious warnings in Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

The website is Can someone have a look and see what I'm doing wrong?

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dummy image@ms (237), 2 months ago

Can you give us some keywords, for which you would expect ranking your website on the first page in Google? I see there are 9 indexed pages in google, which sounds about right to me.

Or would you expect more indexed pages?

Thanks for the details and nice site by the way!

dummy image@mrkclxtn (176), 2 months ago

Hi Martin, ambulo is the keyword I'm only focused on at the moment. If I search 'ambulo' in most search engines, my website is near the top, in Google though it just doesn't exist.

There's a total of 19 pages so I can only assume its still indexing the website or something?

dummy image@shane (155), 2 months ago
  1. Did you submit your sitemap to Google's Webmaster Tools?
    1. What is the status of the sitemap in GWT?
    2. How may pages are indexed in GWT?
    3. Are there any errors/blocked resources in GWT?
  2. How long has the website been active?
  3. Are you using any SEO plugins?
dummy image@mrkclxtn (176), 2 months ago
  1. Sitemap submitted
  2. Sitemap status? Not sure on that one. No errors by the looks of it
  3. 18 pages indexed
  4. No blocked resources or errors
  5. The website has been active for 5 weeks
  6. No SEO plugins.

All pages have page titles and meta descriptions.

My theory might be that the images are too large. The detail in my photos is quite heavy so quite a few of the images reach 800kbs, I am, however using a lazy-loader to improve page-speed. I also have media queries in place to use smaller images on mobile.

dummy image@shane (155), 2 months ago

If you have 18-pages indexed then you are in Google.

5-weeks isn't that long. To be honest, who is searching for abulo? Is your website in anyway related to the intent for that term? I think you might just be misunderstanding how Google works and how websites rank. You do not just get to rank because the word is in your domain.

dummy image@mrkclxtn (176), 2 months ago

I understand that completely.

But it should at least rank somewhere. I've gone through the first 20 pages and there's no sign of it anywhere.

dummy image@shane (155), 2 months ago

There are hundreds of thousands of pages for even the most obscure search queries. Just because you mention a word does not mean you will rank in the top 20 pages. That isn't how this works. Read about the basics of SEO if you actually want to see results.