Website migration - 2 websites merge to new domain

by @Koo (162), 10 months ago


The company I work for is about to combine 2 websites to become one on a completely new domain. E.g. xyz.com and abc.com will merge to create example.com.

However, initially they want to launch example.com and keep the old Websites live and only send 10% of traffic to the new website to test with the remainder continuing to go to the old sites.

The URL structure will be totally different on new domain, content has been rewritten but will be similar.

How problematic will this be? Or if they noindex and set redirects for the old websites pages that will be shown on the new domain will any issues be avoided?

Is it too early to use the change of address tool in search console?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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by @jpwebagency@gmail.com (181), 10 months ago

Hi if you want to merge the 2 websites and create 3rd one and want to know it's advantage and disadvantage then have on this link once. May be it can help you solving your issue https://www.searchenginejournal.com/site-migrations-traffic/279953/

by @Koo (162), 7 months ago

Hey @jpwebagebcy thanks for your reply.

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