Oct 6, 2020

International SEO Strategy

Koo published thread International SEO Strategy


I am looking into an SEO strategy to launch a website targeting english speakers in South America. (Not all, about 6 specific countries with languages inc: Spanish, Portugese, English).

Product: online learning course in English language. Target: South America, english speaking potential students

Based on the language and cultural diversity throughout South America, as well as resources involved to create multiple ccTLD websites I am opting for a generic TLD (.lat or .com) with subfolders for country targeting (website.lat/br, website.lat/ar, website.lat.pe etc). I intend to create separate properties for each subdirectory in Google Search Console to use the geotargeting feature and use HREFLANG tags for en-br, en-ar, en-pe etc to avoid duplicate content.

Each of the subdirectories will have localised content but it will all be in English. Do you think this is likely going to work? I understand it is not ideal for SEO performance but given resources and requirements seems to be the best option.

Or would it be better to just stick to a generic TLD (website.lat) and have one english version without any geo targeting?

Thank you, Koo




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