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by @Koo (162), 9 months ago


I am looking into an SEO strategy to launch a website targeting english speakers in South America. (Not all, about 6 specific countries with languages inc: Spanish, Portugese, English).

Product: online learning course in English language. Target: South America, english speaking potential students

Based on the language and cultural diversity throughout South America, as well as resources involved to create multiple ccTLD websites I am opting for a generic TLD (.lat or .com) with subfolders for country targeting (website.lat/br, website.lat/ar, website.lat.pe etc). I intend to create separate properties for each subdirectory in Google Search Console to use the geotargeting feature and use HREFLANG tags for en-br, en-ar, en-pe etc to avoid duplicate content.

Each of the subdirectories will have localised content but it will all be in English. Do you think this is likely going to work? I understand it is not ideal for SEO performance but given resources and requirements seems to be the best option.

Or would it be better to just stick to a generic TLD (website.lat) and have one english version without any geo targeting?

Thank you, Koo

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by @seolman (105), 9 months ago

The choice to do geo-targeting really depends on how diverse the markets are. If a page written for Peru won't attract potential students from Argentina, you may have no choice but to create specific targeted pages for each region.

I optimize English language websites for businesses within Latin America seeking clients from the US and Europe, so it's a bit different than your concept. However, some of these businesses also have/seek local clients. In such cases, having links from local (in country) English language websites has been critical to our success in gaining good rankings on searches conducted in country.

by @Koo (162), 8 months ago

Thanks for your reply @seolman

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