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I created a redirect from a company we acquired to our site. In my backlink audit, it shows this link as extremely toxic. What are my options?

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by @shane (653), 4 years ago

You can disavow the backlink in Webmaster Tools.


by @kienanvinh (105), 4 years ago

You can use tool google disavow stop. Very good

by @seosubcription (45), 4 years ago

Toxic backlinks are the unnatural links that can harm the search rankings of your website. I would suggest to make a list of those links and disavow them through your search console or if you have control over those backlinks just delete them from those websites.

Here is the complete guide that you must read before you proceed - https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2648487?hl=en

by @nityenprakash (150), 4 years ago

You can disavow those toxic link with the help of google disavow tool.

by @Pankhuri (124), 3 years ago

Make it a nofollow link. You can do with webmasters!

by @esignwebservices (105), 3 years ago

Obviously! you need to disavow bad backlinks, but keep in mind if you have really unnatural links in your link profile.

I wish you good luck for your website!

by @ginjarou (119), 3 years ago

Google don't encourage using the Disavow tool. https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-disavow-tool/289871/#close

I've noticed tools like SEMrush keep alerting users that they have a lot of 'toxic' links but you shouldn't just go and blanket disavow a whole bunch of these links just because a tool said so. Google knows which are the spammy links.

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